December 2008


Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays!  I want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support of After the Finish Line. I know people want to help the Thoroughbreds, yet they don't know how or who to donate to. ATFL will direct your funds to Thoroughbreds in need throughout the United States. Donate to satisfy your need to believe you can effect change to make a better life for the Thoroughbreds. No matter what amount you are able to contribute, your donation to ATFL will give you hope for the horses. Your donation makes dreams come true.

In 2008 ATFL funded United Pegasus Foundation, CANTER - Ohio, Friends of Ferdinand, GEVA, ReRun, Tranquility Farm, Bright Futures, Orphan Acres, Bella Horse Rescue, Heaven Can Wait, Whimsical Horse Rescue, Second Chance Rescue, Another Chance 4 Horses, The Golden Carrot, Colorado Horse Rescue and Summerwinds Stables. Our Mims Retirement Haven received a donation of a painting by Turkoman, who earned $2 million racing. ATFL also donated horse blankets.

The Grants and Emergency Funds awarded by ATFL were used to rescue Thoroughbreds at auction and from trainers from going to slaughter, to support horses seized by the authorities for neglect, for sponsorship of broodmares in foal rescued from a feedlot, for bone chip and hernia surgery, an emergency vet call for a colic episode, supplements for aged horses, and farrier, vet, x-rays, ultrasounds, chiropractor, vaccination, dental, hay, feed, medication, and boarding expenses.

Needless to say, it's been a busy year! With the economic downturn ATFL is receiving more funding requests. We need your help to reach our funding goals. Please donate what you can. Small donations add up to a lot. Our board members do not receive a salary. Your donation goes directly to helping the horses.

ATLF is accepting Grant Applications. All applications must be postmarked by Saturday, January 31, 2009 and received no later than Monday, February 9, 2009 for consideration. Please send all the required documents.

ATLF has a new fundraising campaign called Equine Designs™. These paintings are made by the horses. We will paint with any breed of horse. This year round fundraiser is a unique gift that lets horses help horses.

As a follow up to Novembers newsletter, Whimsical Equine Rescue in Delaware rescued a beautiful mare at New Holland auction. She is named Fin, short for After the Finish Line. Her racing name is Twoifbysea. She retired from racing in 2005 at the age of 3 earning $3,964. This big red head is so sweet and willing to please. She will have a bright future!

The Summerwinds Stables in Delaware recently took in a starved 9 year old Thoroughbred they named Cappy. They brought him to the highly regarded New Bolton Center to be examined. Both of his front coffin bones collapsed into his hoof walls. If he laid down he would not have been able to get back up. In the best interest of the horse he was humanely euthanized, ending the terrible pain. Summerwinds made every effort to help Cappy and give him a second chance in life. ATFL will fund the medical expenses they incurred.

ATFL provided funds to Colorado Horse Rescue to help care for WannaCruz, a Thoroughbred surrendered by its owner. ATFL committed to funding two months care for her. Take a look at how much weight she has already gained in these before and after pictures. Her spirits are high and she is making friends with the other horses. This is the life she deserves.

Orphan Acres in Idaho has twelve Thoroughbreds. We all know the price of hay has sky rocketed. ATFL provided funds to help Orphan Acres pay their winter hay bill.

This month The Equestrian News and the San Diego Pet Magazine wrote articles about ATFL.

ATFL is working on several exciting projects for 2009. We remain dedicated to helping the Thoroughbreds transition off the track and out of the breeding shed into second careers. I look forward to working with the Thoroughbred rescue community in the coming year. Please join our cause and donate to this great organization.



dawn mellen
Dawn Mellen, President
After the Finish Line