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December 2009


Dear After the Finish Line Supporters,

What happens to Thoroughbreds  who are too slow to win or get injured while racing? Sadly, up to 20,000 Thoroughbreds are sent to auction and slaughtered every year. These talented horses once had owners and they deserve better. They deserve the opportunity to transition into a second career. With your donation, ATFL can make this happen. Please donate to saving the lives of Thoroughbreds After the Finish Line.

I believe people want to help the horses yet they don't know who to donate to. With 15 years of experience working with rescue organizations throughout the United States we can direct your funds to qualified rescues with Thoroughbreds in need. ATFL will ensure that your donation will be used for its intended purpose. The funds can be used to save horses at auctions, pay for surgery or medical expenses, provide hay and feed, pay boarding expenses or transport a Thoroughbred to safety.

Board members are not salaried. We volunteer our time to help these beautiful animals who can transition into second careers such as hunter/jumpers, dressage, trail, therapy or companion horses. More and more people are becoming aware of the cruel fate that awaits thousands of Thoroughbreds. In their time of need, After the Finish Line will be a voice for Thoroughbred horses that are not supported by their owners when their racing or breeding careers are over.

This month After the Finish Line awarded over $4,200 in emergency funds and in-kind items to 5 rescue organizations. This year we awarded a total of $24,500 in emergency funds to thirty-six rescue organizations. ATFL also awards yearly grants. If you are a rescue organization caring for Thoroughbred ex-racehorses or broodmares you may apply for a grant. Please contact to request a grant application. Applications must be postmarked by February 6, 2010 and received no later than February 13, 2010.

December emergency funds were awarded to South Florida SPCA who found an abandoned Thoroughbred named is Physicist. This 7 year old gelding is lame and underweight. He has severe hoof damage causing extreme pain. Physicist is expected to make a full recovery and is still trusting of people. Another Thoroughbred named "Vega" was rescued from an abusive home. One month of training will be paid for by ATFL to make Vega more adoptable.

Mid America Horse Rescue in Illinois helped to rescue Thoroughbreds at a paddock sale at Fairmount Park Race Track. With 41 horses under their care this rescue needs funds for feed, hay and the farrier bill. CANTER-Michigan requested funding for horse blankets. With many months of snow and temperatures below freezing, 13 horses will appreciate their new blankets. United Pegasus Foundation in California also gets snow and frigid temperatures. Their older horses require special care. ATFL will also donate blankets for the horses.

Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue in Florida rescued a premature foal. The mare, in pain with cancer, passed away shortly after birth. This orphaned foal, named Baby Legacy, is being raised by humans with round the clock care. He isn't making enough bone marrow and his immune system is suppressed. The vet bills are mounting and luckily, he is responding well to his treatments. ATFL will give this foal the chance at life by helping to pay his vet bill.

The supporters of ATFL make it possible for us to provide for the Thoroughbreds in need. As you read these stories and look at the pictures of the horses, be proud of the difference you are making to better the lives of these animals. A small donation makes a big difference. Thank you for your support this year. Your year end, tax deductible donation to ATFL will bring promise to the horses who are forgotten After the Finish Line.


dawn mellen
Dawn Mellen, President
After the Finish Line®

10153 Riverside Drive, Suite 397
Toluca Lake, CA 91602