Dawn Mellen

After the Finish Line President, Dawn Mellen and friend.


Mission Statement

To educate the public about the health, protection, preservation and alternative career options of Thoroughbreds when their racing or breeding careers are over. To provide a quality of life for Thoroughbred horses by funding rescue and retirement organizations to help support the current Thoroughbreds in their care. To save additional Thoroughbreds from slaughter and neglect by contributing funds to the rescue and retirement organization's efforts to purchase, care for, rehabilitate and retrain horses for a non-racing career.


Animals are more than ever a test of our character,
of mankind's capacity for empathy and for decent,
honorable conduct and faithful stewardship.
We are called to treat them with kindness,
not because they have the rights,
power or a claim to equality,
but in a sense, because they don't.
They all stand unequal and powerless before us.
--Matthew Scully

Our History

Our history starts now. After the Finish Line is a newly formed National 501(C)(3) funding non-profit organization for Thoroughbred racehorses. We are based in Toluca Lake, California and our Board of Directors are located throughout the United States.

We are concerned, committed and respected individuals who will provide funding and grants to qualified Thoroughbred rescue organizations. These funds will help support the Thoroughbreds in their care that can no longer race or breed. We are founded on the belief that these horses have the right to live a fulfilling life when their racing careers are over. These talented Thoroughbreds can transition into an array of second careers given the opportunity. We feel honored to be involved in this national rescue effort.

We will unite with equine leaders at all levels to build partnerships to assist these noble animals. We exist to promote and implement solutions and programs for Thoroughbreds that can no longer race or produce. The Thoroughbred racing industry is supported by the horses. Now it's our turn to help support them. The end of their racing careers should not signal the end of their lives. In reality, it is a new beginning for them..