Dawn Mellen

After the Finish Line President, Dawn Mellen and friend.

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We are a Nationally recognized 501(C)(3) funding non-profit for Thoroughbred racehorses that are transitioned off the racetrack into a second career. The donations we receive will help support Thoroughbreds at rescue organizations across the United States while they await adoption. We are committed to the welfare of these horses. We exist to honor and respect the Thoroughbreds and ensure they have a quality of life when they are done racing. We believe in our program.

Numerous Thoroughbreds need our assistance everyday. A dignified existence for retired racehorses and broodmares needs to be the norm and not the exception. There is no limit to their potential and desire to succeed off the racetrack. We can empower these horses by giving them the opportunity to awaken their spirit. Our treatment of these animals will empower all of us to be better people for our act of kindness.

It is our privilege to be associated with these magnificent Thoroughbreds. They are celebrities that draw fans to racetracks across the country. In their time of need let's respect them for their achievements. Their abilities differ greatly. Yet they all gave us their best effort on the racetrack. We will be their voice in time of need. Together we can help support the rescues that accept Thoroughbred horses in their programs.