Dawn Mellen

After the Finish Line President, Dawn Mellen and friend.


Qualifying a Rescue Organization

The dedicated individuals at After the Finish Line have been involved in Thoroughbred racehorse rescue for many years. We have been associated with other rescue organizations in the past and bring a broad base of knowledge to After the Finish Line. Our goal is to transition these horses into a second career. We have assisted rescue organizations throughout the country and have developed trusting relationships with them over the years.

After the Finish Line will provide both grants and emergency funds to qualified Thoroughbred rescue and retirement organizations located throughout the United States. These funds will assist in the ongoing welfare of the horses. We believe proper standards of care are essential. We will monitor the rescue and retirement organizations to be sure that the needs of their Thoroughbreds are being met. We will not just rely on a written grant application.

What is a Rescue Organization?

There are hundreds of 501(C)(3) horse rescue organizations throughout the United States.  They exist to care for horses that can no longer be supported or are no longer wanted by their owners. The Thoroughbred's inability to perform causes humans to ponder their fate. Rescue organizations purchase and accept donated Thoroughbreds. These horses have the ability to transition into second careers to be hunters, jumpers, dressage and trail horses.

The majority of Thoroughbred horses enter a rescue organization with injuries that may limit their futures abilities. These injuries will require months of rehabilitation before knowing if they can be ridden again. These horses can be companion animals or work in equine therapy programs to assist people. Letís give them the opportunity to mend their broken spirits.

Unfortunately, monetary support is difficult to obtain. The financial burden placed on a rescue is enormous.  They take on the responsibility and cost to feed, provide veterinarian care and rehabilitate each horse, often using their own funds. Lack of funding prevents the rescue organization from being able to accept more horses into their program. They cannot compromise the care of their existing horses by accepting more horses. The funding and grants provided by After the Finish Line will enable each rescue to help more Thoroughbreds.